Monday, November 8, 2010

New project

So i've been tossing around an idea like this for quite sometime. I really want to build a bike based off of a vintage flat tracker. This will work out well because all year I have been annoyed with riding my peugeot at rally's and rides, being scared of running out of gas. The functionality of having a larger top tank and the style of these old dirt bikes are all i want.

heres some of what inspires me:

heres what i have to work with so far:

I'm for sure going to use my peugeot engine and most likely the swing arm, and possibly keep a spare 103 frame for potential races. I'm really unsure of the safari tank. It looks good, just not sure if it will fit the style.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dandon's bike

this is my best buddy Dandon's magnum. i call it the "jane doe" magnum. he isn't on the internet all that much, so i figured i would post it up. and its about time that i start updating this thing.

I built this motor quite a while ago, but did some cool clutch mods to it lately to really wake it up. also, for how much power this bike has, its surprisingly reliable.

dandon did all the cosmetic stuff and everything non-motor basically. he put the hutchison funzy tires on there, and they are sweet. i want a pair bad.

in other news i'm getting married next month(woo hoo!). so maybe this is the worst time to start a blog, but i just got a computer so i figured i would.

Friday, October 15, 2010

hello children of the internet

hi, this is my new blog. it will mostly house content about my mopeds, motorcycles, and some music stuff(not much).

tomorrow is the gettysburg ride and i just scored this rigged up derbi that i'm gonna try and ride.

this is mostly a test post and i'll have pictures up later.